Special Education Parent Teacher Association Redwood City


SEPTAR was formed on January 25, 2007 as the first district-wide special education PTA in the Redwood City School District. We offer education workshops, enrichment programs, disability awareness events and social activities. Our mini grant program supports professional development for all educators.

SEPTAR meets on the third Thursday evening of each month. Our virtual meetings are open to the public and are centered around an informational discussion and/or presentation on a variety of topics.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in special education. You do not need to have a child in the Redwood City School District to join. Annual fees are $10. 

SEPTAR members get access to the SEPTAR Google Group and Google chat. These are discussion groups for members of SEPTAR.  

Community Engagement 

Our supportive community is open to all! Join us at the Magical Bridge playground on the third Sunday of the month! 

Contact us at (650) 517-3320 or email us at septarinfo@gmail.com for more information.

Board of Directors

SEPTAR is a liaison between Redwood City School District  families and Special Education Department Staff.

Upcoming Events

Presentation by Pat Hornbecker, the President of the Board of Directors for The Arc of California. She will speak to us about how she advocated for her disabled son during his school years. 

Register: https://bit.ly/SEPTARmeet

Presentation by teachers from Special Day Classes. We will talk about curriculum, daily routines and inclusion support in SDCs. All grade levels will be represented.

Agenda and Presentation

Register: https://bit.ly/SEPTARmeet

Agenda and Presentation

Register: https://bit.ly/SEPTARmeet

Register: https://bit.ly/SEPTAR1117
Agenda and Presentation

Past Events